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Looking for an affordable fishfinder with all features including? Well, here ends your search, since we have found one, the Garmin Striker 4.The legendary Garmin Striker 4 is our budget pick. However, Garmin Striker 4 fishfinder has been the best seller for a period of a long time in the Marine Electronics Fish Finders & Depth Finders industry. Probably, this unit is the most sold fishfinder device in the universe right now. Our Garmin Striker 4 review is going to be your final stop to find out everything that’s good about it. So, let us take a closer view of this product, and understand the reason for its popularity.

Garmin itself is a popular brand, and perhaps there is no recreational angler, who don’t know or haven’t trusted. when it first came to market Garmin has a self-made reputation for delivering good quality products at a very affordable range. In the widespread history, Garmin has produced some very popular products, Garmin Striker 4 built-in GPS is one of them. Indeed Striker 4 is a huge success in Garmin Striker series. Big Power, Small Package, 3.5-inch easy-to-use color display with convenient keypad operation. You can mark your hot spots docks. Its sonar history rewind option allows you to scroll back through sonar images to mark your missed waypoints.

Furthermore, you can share favorite routes and waypoints with other Striker devices.  The GPS of this unit is working pretty accurate and very sensitive to depth reading with tenths of a foot accuracy. It also has a built-in flasher and displays speed data on its screen. Most of the fishfinder enthusiasts or users know if the company Garmin because of their top of the line fishfinder. However, Garmin is also at the helm for creating several high ends, top of the line fishfinder. This unit costs around $100, and it happens to be one of the best fishfinders someone can buy right now. If you like fishing around frequently the portable fishfinder may be good for you.

Garmin makes Striker 4 one of the best small fish finder with built-in high-sensitivity GPS combination units that you can find the best fit for your small Bass Boat or kayak. The compact size and all the features in a small unit. Therefore it can fit almost anywhere. It has a lot of options and is very easy to set up for use. If you are not such a sitting-at-the-PC geek, reviewing smartphone video of the unit in action, then this unit would be perfect. Highly recommended for seeing fish, and finding cover for any small boat.

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Features of Garmin Striker 4

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Clarity of CHIRP

Garmin Striker 4 offers you it’s CHIRP transducer that provides a detail information and higher level clarity of fish and underwater structure than traditional transducers. Striker 4 includes CHIRP (77/200 kHz) sonar transducer which transmits power (200 W RMS)/ (1,600 W peak-to-peak)

CHIRP continuously sends more than 1 single frequency, ranging from low to high. Then its receiver interprets them individually upon their returning sound. Subsequently, the frequencies provide a wider range of information, CHIRP sonar technology can create crisper fish arches with greater target separation.

Moreover, you can upgrade to high-performance CHIRP with a GT8 or GT15 transducer (each sold separately), which give perfectly clear sonar pictures with considerably more striking target separation and resolution from shallow to deeper depths. For better angling, base shapes are more noticeable, even at higher speeds, and signal noise can be smothered at more prominent depths to give all the opportune translation of what’s underneath.

GPS Navigation with Waypoint Map

Striker 4 fishfinder built-in GPS locate your current position quickly and precisely, then maintain your GPS location even in the middle of the lake, which regular fishfinder unable to provide such state. Striker 4 allows you to mark your favorite spots for fishing where you likely to return again in the future. This unit also allows you to mark dock, brush piles, stumps, and boat ramps location on the lake. Striker 4 shows your waypoint that you have already marked. Using the waypoint map you can see, mark and navigate to the location. You can check your boat speed on striker 4 screen. It’s an incredible instrument to ensure you are trolling at the correct speed for the draw you’re utilizing and for a specific fish species.

Garmin Striker 4 Review
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Take Anywhere

Garmin Striker 4 Review

A portable kit is accessible to ensure and convey your fishfinder with GPS, so it’s ideal for kayak, kayak or ice angling. It incorporates a fixed, rechargeable battery with charger, built-in transducer cable management and capacity and suction cup transducer mount and float.


Despite drilling back in the boat, it was fairly easy to set up. The shallow depth alarm is perfect for protecting the prop. It comes with everything you needed for installation. Install and use within an hour minutes.


The performance of striker Combo series is excellent. You can really on its built-in GPS. High-sensitivity GPS locate your current position quickly and precisely, you will never get lost with it no matter time and situation. Also, it’s CHIRP transducer provides a detail information and higher level clarity of fish and underwater structure. The brightness has a tendency to lower itself and appears to be shut off. Easy to install and very user-friendly menu and features.

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Garmin Striker 4 Review

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In this Garmin Striker 4 review, we will see some consumers comments. How they feel after using this unit.  So here are some users comments.

Best budget unit ever

By Spencer S.

Hands down best budget fish finder I have ever used. I use it on a job boat and have no complaints. Very accurate in deep and shallow waters as far as I can tell. The amount of detail you can see on color fish finder vs black and white is AMAZING! GPS comes in handy for marking hot spots and marking the dock you used to get in the water so you don’t get lost trying to get back. CHIRP is also a game changer. The two things ill never go without again is CHIRP and color! This is a great budget unit.
We mounted it to a removable stand to take off the boat when not and use and to switch between boats. The stand was a great purchase!!

Best bang for your buck!

By Barry Quinn

Best bang for your buck. I recently replaced my 15 yr old Garmin fish/ bottom finder with this unit. Not much to say except “I love it”. For the price and functionality, I don’t think there is any other unit from Garmin or another manufacturer that comes close to matching this Garmin. I use it for my 17′ Jon boat. Works well and hopefully lasts a long time just like the one I replaced.


  • High-sensitivity GPS
  • CHIRP sonar transducer
  • Ultrascroll® displays fish targets at higher boat speeds
  • Fish Symbol ID
  • Adjustable depth line measures depth
  • AutoGain Technology minimizes clutter and maximizes targets
  • A-scope real-time display
  • Convenient keypad operation
  • Built-in flasher
  • Get true speed, water temperature, depth, and wind.


  • Low pixel count and small screen
  • It was very voltage sensitive as well.
  • the brightness has a tendency to lower itself and appears to be shut off
  • no map

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Does this unit also give depth readings of the water?

Yes! Depth, temperature, speed you’re moving, time of day etc. this is an awesome unit for the price.

Q: Does the power source (12 volts) come with the package, or do I need to purchase that?

Does not come with a battery – Have to purchase it.

Q: Does this work when ice fishing without the use of an ice fishing transducer?

You could rig the transducer this unit comes within a way that it could work. But we highly recommend purchasing the ice transducer for optimal performance.


We are almost at the end of our Garmin Striker 4 review, as you go farther, you will find this compact unit much more. In fact, there is a lot of things under the hood and this product is considered to be really valuable to you that at such low cost you will find many features, Big Power, Small Package. Thus, it can be rightly declared that the amazing Garmin Striker 4 is a perfect companion for fishing in anywhere in the lake. If you can go without mapping, then it will be very attractive. it is a dream come true for every fisherman.

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