Best Fish Finder for the Money in 2018

Let’s face it! It is not easy to find the best fish finder for the money, there are way too many choices out there. Especially, for the experienced angler. If you don’t own one, you want one. Whether they are used for locating a fish position, GPS navigation, Ice Fishing, or Down Imaging; fish finders is now more popular than ever before. As their popularity continues to rise high, so too does the number of potential fish finders for you to choose from. There are many of models produced each year by dozens of companies, and each has its own place for best use. The colossal variety of cost, capacity, and quality can represent an overwhelming prospect for anyone interested in buying one. So, you have to choose how much money you are ready to spend. You can find a fish finder from below $100 to $2000 from the market!

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Well, it has happened.

Price Range for Fish Finder

Do you have a particular budget as the main priority for your next marine electronics buy? All things considered, we’ve have covered for choosing the best fish finder in various price ranges.

To make things more straightforward, we’ve separated up the greater part of our fish finders by giving you an overview of what you should expect to get out of however much you decide to spend.

 Here we outline our Best Fish Finder for the money in 2017 and what makes them so great!

Portable Fish Finders

A portable fish finder can easily be carried. Usually, a portable fish finder small in size with high capabilities. It can go places to places where regular finder can’t go. Portable Fish Finders are the great option for when you are unable to mount on a boat or kayak permanently. Small plug-and-play devices that you can use a same portable unit in multiple vassals without having a single problem.  They are a fantastic solution for temporary mounting on a kayak, small boats, and angling from shore.

There are also castable fish finders, which is highly portable. This kind of fish finders are basically worked with a transducer pod that floats, and a downloadable smartphone app from apps store. These are excellent kinds of fish finders for fishing from small watercraft or from shore.

Fish Finders for Ice Fishing

Ice angling requires an uncommon sort of unit to be powerful in getting fish under the ice. The unit will incorporate a pack and battery mount, in addition to a charger and an ice angling transducer. For whatever length of time that the unit has the ability, you can likewise turn the screen from a more conventional depth finder to a flasher. Ice fishing or doing any type of vertical fishing is the same sort of fishing. Flasher fish finders when Ice fishing or doing any type of vertical fishing. Basically, flasher shows the water column in circular form. Different colors will mean different things, however, you will be ready to track your draw and draw depth and you will be able to see the fish actually move towards your bait. Most manufacturers of fish finders are now offering a flasher option available for the 5-inch portable unit.

Kayak Fish Finders

Kayak angling has expanded in popularity over the most recent five years. Now, this is an incredible time if you are hoping to get into kayak angling, There has never been such a large number of great angling kayak alternatives and quality fish finders to put on them. There are a few decent 5 and 7-inch models that have magnificent screens and are simple fit on your budget. Here are our Kayak Fish Finder Reviews in case if you want to check that out.

GPS Combos Unit

Nowadays a majority of the best fish finders unit comes with GPS combo such as Hummingbird and Lowrance .  It supports single or dual microSD card slots. It’s background mapping built-in Insight USA charts for Coastal and Inland US waters and a world background reference map and is such as Navionics or Lakemaster.

In the past few years, there have been exciting advances in mapping technology coming out, such as DIY mapping software like AutoChart, AutoChart Live, Insight Genesis, and Navionics SonarCharts. Some cards are also offering Satellite Overlay as a way to enhance your lake maps.


In modern angling, do not stay behind another angler without a Fish finder. We are almost at the end of our Best Fish Finder for the Money in 2017 article. If you look at the getting right features against the money, then you will get your perfect matched fish finder. We have best editorial pick fish finder in case if you need to check it out.

We hope, you enjoyed reading it, and have also picked up some great information throughout. Thank you for staying with us, and we will see you next time. Take care!

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